SUMMIT 2022 - Inspiring future

The Second Annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit entitled Inspiring Future, which took place on November 17-18, 2022. in Raguza Rooftop 360, in Skopje, was organized by the National Platform for Women’s Entrepreneurship.

Elisabeta Georgieva – a representative from the EU Delegation who is a supporter and co-financier of this large and significant Project, Zoran Manevski – Deputy Minister of Economy from the Ministry of Economy, Sanja Lukarevska – Director of the Public Revenue Administration, a big supporter, spoke at the official opening of the Summit. of the National Platform for Women’s Entrepreneurship, Valentina Disoska – the president of the National Platform for Women’s Entrepreneurship and president of the Association of Business Women, Gabriela Kostovska Bogoeska – the Executive Director of the Foundation for Management and Industrial Research MIR, partner in the Project and Trajan Angeloski – president of Soyuz of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia, also a partner in the Project. The awards for the most successful women entrepreneurs in 2022 were also awarded at the Second Summit moderated by Ana Zafirova. There were also three panel sessions, namely, Panel 1 – Local achievements in creating policies for the development of women’s entrepreneurship, Panel 2 – International experiences and success stories in support of women’s entrepreneurship and Panel 3 – Good practices for the internationalization of women-led businesses. On the second day of the Summit, recommendations for digitization policies and access to finance were presented, during which Emilia Andonova – Project Coordinator at MIR spoke and presented the 2022 NPZHP Barometer, which is a kind of indicator of the needs of women entrepreneurs, an overview of the situation and directions for further action. There was also Panel 4 – Youth and entrepreneurship, opportunities and challenges as well as two workshops, on Financial Management and Securing Finance/Investor Relations. After the rich and exhaustive discussion on all given topics, with Conclusions by the president Valentina Disoska, the two-day Second Summit for Women’s Entrepreneurship ended. NEXT-EM company also actively participated in the event.