Promotional workshop "Incentive of SMEs innovative capacities"

At the invitation of the Regional Business Center, NEXT-EM dooel attended a workshop for promotion of the project “Incentive of SMEs Innovative Capacities”, which was held on Thursday, May 31, 2018, at 11 am in restaurant “Day and Night”, Skopje. The workshop had several presentations in order to obtain information about the project activities and the expected results of the project, as well as the possibility of being one of the companies users of a free newly established service: filling out the questionnaire for self-assessment of the innovative capacity of the company and preparation of an Action Innovation Plan.

Companies of interest to the Project are all companies from the IT sector, then the companies whose activity is computer programming, consulting and related activities, as well as companies registered for data processing, hosting and Internet portals and other information service activities. Svetlana Kirevska, Director of the Foundation for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Skopje (project partner from the Republic of Macedonia), attended the workshop with the presentation of the project “Incentive to SMEs Innovative Capacities” activities, Mirjana Bosnjak, State Statistical Office (project partner from Republic of Macedonia) with Presentation of the project “Impact of SME Innovative Capacities” activities, Irena Gjorgjievska, Head of the Department for Program Preparation, Fund for Innovation and Technological Development with Presentation of the measures for stimulating the innovation activity and implementation of innovative solutions and innovative processes among the companies: companies with high growth potential, as well as of newly founded, micro and small enterprises and Violeta Atanasovska, National NCL Coordinator, Ministry of Education and Science with Presentation of measures to support the innovation of SMEs in the HORIZON 2020 Program.Finally, a discussion followed and answered the questions from the audience. The SME Innovation Capacity Boost project is funded by the European Union through the Balkan Mediterranean Cooperation Program 2014-2020 (“INTERREG Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020”).