Promotion for establishment of the Cyrillic domain .мкд

At the invitation of MARNet, NEXT-EM, as registrar, attended the launch of the establishing of the Cyrillic domain .мкд, which was held on 14 January 2015. starting at 11.30. at the Port of Macedonia.
Ministers of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski and Culture Kanceska Milevska promoted the establishment of a national Cyrillic domain .мкд in international cyberspace.

This domain will be able to register websites in Cyrillic covering the characteristic letters of the Macedonian alphabet.
Macedonia is the fifth country in the world to establish national Cyrillic domain in Cyrillic, after Russia, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.
The first website in Cyrillic, “влада.мкд” is already established.
The process of acquiring a new national Cyrillic domain began with public debate and survey that every citizen, institution or interested party can give its proposal. All credits for this activity goes to the Macedonian Academic and Research network –  MARNet.
Reservation of Cyrillic domains by Macedonian state institutions and authorities is underway.