Project Fiskast Network - parafiscal charges

At the invitation of Finance Think and Agora, NEXT-EM dooel attended a workshop with the municipalities,business sector and non-governmental sector for dialogue and optimization of parafiscal duties, which took place on May 26, 2022. in Hotel Panoramika starting at 10 am. The workshop aimed to assist in the process of optimizing parafiscal charges.

The aim of the project is to increase transparency at the local level, create a register of parafiscal charges and increase the cooperation of local stakeholders, the main activities of the project are: Training program for capacity building of local stakeholders, Collection and analysis of data on local budgets, focusing on parafiscal levies, Creating a mechanism for creating and monitoring financial transparency and Strengthening public awareness.
Defining the recommendations for optimizing parafiscal levies at the local level, as well as introducing new measures and tools to increase financial transparency, were part of today’s working meeting. The workshop was led by Dr. Blagica Petreski from Finance Think and Aleksandar Spasov from Agora.