Personal data protection

On the invitation of MASIT, NEXT-EM dooel attended an information event aimed at bringing closer and better acquainting with the current regulations for personal data protection, which took place on 07.03.2019 (Thursday), in the hotel Aleksandar II, Skopje, starting from 10:00 am.

The event is organized in the direction of improving the legislation and its easier implementation, the USAID Partnership for Better Business Regulation project, along with the four key partners: Economic Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies – MASIT, Economic Chamber of Macedonia, Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia and Union of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia. The aim was to review the existing situation regarding the regulation from the scope of work of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, as one of the main bodies with supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection and a body that directly appreciates the legality of processing of personal data.But at the same time, to introduce the attendees with the procedures for protection of the privacy of the data by giving directions, as well as opinions in accordance with the legal regulations, in order to initiate concrete solutions that will provide through a discussion with the private sector and through a process of public private dialogue. more effective control of the market and creating a predictable business environment for companies. The lecturer was Mr. Goran Čamurovski, as well as the Secretary General of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, Mr. Igor Kuzevski.