Pantheon Conference 2019

The company Datalab Macedonia and MASIT as partners organized a PANTHEON Conference on the topic: “Digitization 2019”, which was held on May 14, 2019, starting at 10:00 am, in the hotel Marriott in Skopje. The conference was intended to highlight current innovations in the field of legislation, entrepreneurship and the economy, as well as the innovations that carry the digitalization practically applied in PANTHEON. The event was attended by renowned experts in the field, with the desire to stimulate initiatives and concrete steps of progress in companies using ERP solutions. PANTHEON conference opened with a panel discussion on the topic: Digitization 2019 in Macedonia.

The panel discussion was conducted through an inspiring discussion with the audience on the following topics:
What is the state of digital transformation in Macedonia, and where are we compared to the countries of the region, which are the main stakeholders for raising awareness on the topic of digitization of vertical industries, as ICT companies can help in the process of digitization, what is the vision of the future and the state’s plans to stimulate the economy (in the field of digitization),
digitalization with PANTHEON today and the vision of the future, what knowledge should weigh human resources in the vertical sectors for easier digital transformation, Where to turn to support small and medium-sized enterprises if they want to enter the digitalization process. On this event NEXT-EM dooel also attended.