The IT technology goes ahead and we are following it, so the only thing left to you is to follow us.

With us you take an IT step - FORWARD!

Increasing the hosting space at

Due to great interest in hosting services in the previous period, NEXT-EM decided to increase their own capacities and staged a nice surprise for all existing and future customers.

Partnership agreement with DRAYTEK

NEXT-EM signed a partnership agreement with Chinese firm DRAYTEK with the wide range of specialized network devices and VOIP systems will be available in our market.

Meeting with representatives of HYBSYS

The management team at NEXT-EM met with the management team of the Bulgarian company HyBSYS which was discussed expansion of cooperation and increase the visibility of some of the brands in the fie

Development a new web portal for EURO – FARM

NEXT-EM has completed a the new web portal for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, EURO – FARM Bitola. Particular attention was paid to the possibility of portal users through the chain pharmacies EURO - FARM to be in constant communication with the experts of the company.

Extending the cooperation with KAJGANA MEDIA

Multi-year cooperation between NEXT-EM and KAJGANA MEDIA to provide complete network resources projects of KAJGANA MEDIA were deep with completing of the network infrastructure for needs for the latest projects – a website on national television Sitel.

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