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Round table: Creating public policies

The Civil Alliance for Transparency together with the Foundation Open Society - Macedonia (FOSM) and the Eurotin - Center for European Strategies organized a round table held on June 4 (Monday) 2018. at Hotel Aleksandar Palace starting at 10 am.

"Critical thinking for Mediawise Citizens – CriThink"

Foundation for Internet and Society - Metamorphosis and Center for European Strategies Eurothink had a presentation on the project "Critical thinking for Mediawise Citizens – CriThink", which is implemented in the next 3 years with the support of the European Union. The event was held on June 1, 2018 (Friday) at 11 am in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Skopje, the Living Room.

Promotional workshop "Incentive of SMEs innovative capacities"

At the invitation of the Regional Business Center, NEXT-EM dooel attended a workshop for promotion of the project "Incentive of SMEs Innovative Capacities", which was held on Thursday, May 31, 2018, at 11 am in restaurant "Day and Night", Skopje. The workshop had several presentations in order to obtain information about the project activities and the expected results of the project, as well as the possibility of being one of the companies users of a free newly established service: filling out the questionnaire for self-assessment of the innovative capacity of the company and preparation of an Action Innovation Plan.

AEC - International Regulatory Conference 2018

At the invitation of the Agency for Electronic Communications, NEXT-EM attended the International Regulatory Conference held from 14 to 16 May 2018 year at Hotel Metropol - Ohrid. Sixth consecutive year, AEC organizes International Regulatory Conference in order to encourage public debate on issues relating to the latest technological developments in the ICT sector, through the exchange of opinions, solutions to possible problems, best practices and experiences.

Freedom and the Internet in Macedonia

Foundation Open Society - Macedonia (FOSM) and the Foundation for Internet and Society Metamorphosis organized the Conference "Freedom and the Internet in Macedonia" held on May 11 (Friday) 2018. at the Museum of Contemporary Art at 11 am.

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