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Computer and network maintenance  
In this dynamic time where the complete functioning of all computer systems in Your company are a key to your success - the most important element is the quality of the maintenance you have for your computer and network equipment.
This golden rule for good business especially applies in those companies which don't have a dedicated IT sector, or in those companies where the dynamics of the scope of work requires that these actions are done by experts which will allow all your systems to function 24/7.
Following the trends and standards in the IT sector our experienced team can provide you with the best computer and network maintenance according to your needs.
The short response time in which our experts will provide you with a solution combined with our special partner vendors are the guarantee you need that all your problems will get resolved in time.
For more details about this service please contact our sales team.


Computer networks design and implementation  
Every modern company in its constant development build a network infrastructure which allows better communication between its employees and costumers. The rapid development of technology requires that this network infrastructure is hybrid which will allow its easy development and upgrade.

For that reason our network engineers will help you build the most sophisticated network based on the technologies shown below:

  • Installation of copper cables - Cat5e and Cat6/7 10/100/1000MBit Ethernet
  • Installation of fibber-optic cables - Single Mode and Multimode with speeds up to 10Gbit Ethernet
  • Structured cabling solutions - integral solution for hybrid deployment of phone/network/internet over the same cable infrastructure
  • Installation and maintenance of active and passive network equipment: switches, routers, racks, patch panels and cabinets, etc.
  • Implementation of wireless microwave link - P2P and P2MP systems
  • Design and implementation of large scale computer networks - WAN, MAN, PAN


Complete web solution  

The need for representation of your company on the internet is our challenge.
For that reason we have created a special division for web solutions which is known to the public for its simple predefined packages designed for the novice users, as well as powerful e-sales, collaboration and WEB 2.0 solutions for our power users.
Our web team expects your challenges - Contact US!

List of designed websites



Video surveillance  
The security of all your important assets in the company plays a key role in the rapid development of any company.
Another important function of video surveillance is the possibility to provide statistical information about the efficiency of a company in real time.
Our expert can help you implement the most modern IP based video surveillance which will be provided over your existing wired and wireless network.
The IP surveillance technology even further expands the possibilities for recording of the video data and additional processing by the security experts in your company.


Computer security and data protection  
The security of all your valuable data is the imperative needed in the proper functioning of any company.
In broader definition under this category we can put all the services required to help you prepare for all possible unexpected situations which can resolve in a loss of valuable data.

For that reason our experts can help you with the best solutions about: data backup, safe restoration of sensitive data, crypto protection of sensitive data, data recovery procedures, disaster recovery for urgent situations, etc.