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N-WEB - hosted web content services

The development of internet technologies create constant demand of new and innovative solutions to show new content to the visitors. The trend called "Web 2.0" crated a so called  mania for interactive applications which allow web sites to grow.

For that purpose NEKST-EM dooel crated a group of applications called "N-WEB" which uses modern web technologies to deliver content rich information to you and your web visitors. N-WEB consists of the following components:


N-WEB STATS - system for analisys of visitor statistics, with possibility to build reports about the surfing habbits, popularity tracking and global website analisys.

N-WEB POLL - system for doing anonymous polls for the visitors, with the possibility to chose predefined answers to questions which you find interesting at a given time for your visitors.

N-WEB METEO - system for getting the latest weather data for the main cities in Macedonia. The data consists of the current temperature and weather conditions which are both visual and textually shown to the end user.

N-WEB SEARCH - a search system for searching the Macedonian web space, with special features to search only the websites on which a special bar is installed.


N-WEB MAILMAN - a newsletter system which allows the end users to leave the contact data on topics they find useful and later you can send them information they wanted..

When designing the products we took special care about the easy integration without special knowledge of programing technologies and HTML. The integration is done with simple copy/paste code which works instantly on your web page. All the information is stores on the N-WEB content server which allows data to be running fast and with great quality.


Prices for N-WEB components
N-WEB STATS 10 EUR + 18% VAT / year
N-WEB SEARCH 10 EUR + 18% VAT / year
N-WEB METEO 20 EUR + 18% VAT / year
N-WEB POLL 20 EUR + 18% VAT / year
N-WEB MAILMAN 60 EUR + 18% VAT / year
Discount if you buy several components
5 components 20% discount
4 components 15% discount
3 components 10% discount
2 components 5% discount