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Seasonal greetings

Conference "How did the institutions deal with the brain drain 2013-2020?"

The conference was held on October 21 (Wednesday) in Raguza Ruftop 360 in Skopje, starting at 12:00. The conference presented the monitoring analysis of the National Strategy for Networking, Cooperation and Prevention of Outflow of Higher Education and Professional Staff 2013-2020, as well as generating recommendations for the development of a new strategy. The event was opened by Ilija Stankovski - Program Director of LEAD, while the presentations were presented by Oliver Andreevski and Marjan Icoski.

The role of trade unions in the protection of workers' rights

European Policy Institute(EPI) organized a presentation on the role of trade unions, which took place on September 25, 2020. starting at 11.00 in Ragusa360 - Rooftop in Skopje. The event was opened by Simonida Kacarska, Director of EPI. Vildan Drpljanin spoke at the event about association, confusion or abuse - The role of trade unions in the protection of workers and Kire Vasilev on how to strengthen the role of trade unions in the protection of workers' rights.

Happy Easter

Conference on Women's Entrepreneurship and Access to Capital

The conference, held on 03.03.2020 (Tuesday), at the hotel Porta in Skopje, starting at 10:00 am, focused on supporting female entrepreneurship in the country and the region, networking women entrepreneurs at regional level and presentation of the measures for access to finance offered in our country, with the presence of NEXT-EM dooel.

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