Macedonia Economic Summit 2015 – Macedonia 2025

At the invitation of Macedonia 2025, NEXT-EM attended the event, held on November 18-20, 2015 year, in Aleksandar Palace Hotel. The  event was in order to include more young professionals in the economic development conversation. The goal was to inspire the audience to think about business, leadership development and to inspire people to believe in themselves.

Macedonia2025 is especially proud that around 400 of you attended the event and used the opportunity to gather insights from the speakers. With  hope that the advice given by Mike Zafirovski, Jim Dunn, Dr. Ichak Adizes, Lou Naumovski, Sonja Smuc and the rest, will inspire  to set good goals  and accomplish those goals.

In today’s world of hyperconnectivity and free flow of information, including know-how, it takes a can-do attitude for anyone to realize their idea. The people who spoke at the Leadership Talks have taken on roles that require great responsibility and a high level of professionalism. And yet, these people are there for us, always accessible. These are the people that create jobs, develop infrastructure in cities, support startups, improve the culture of an organization and develop technologies. So, no matter how big or small your idea is, you should realize it because it matters, because it is important.