International Symposium

The Institute for Communication Studies (ICS) and IREX organized the third annual International Symposium “Media Literacy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Expanding the Boundaries of the Possible,” as part of USAID’s Young Think Media Literacy Project. The event took place on February 29 (Thursday) 2024, starting at 09:30 at the Limak Hotel, Skopje. The symposium explored the convergence of media and information literacy with the rapidly evolving domain of artificial intelligence (AI). It aims to consider how improved media literacy, particularly within artificial intelligence technologies, can enable young people not only to develop skills to trust and critically evaluate media content, but also to use media tools effectively. which are “powered” by artificial intelligence in order to encourage positive changes in society. The symposium included a series of talks and discussions, focused on gaining a better understanding of artificial intelligence, its current and contemporary development, its implications in the media sphere, as well as the crucial need for education systems to adapt and keep up with the fast pace. of advancing artificial intelligence. A youth workshop was also held during the symposium, where more than 30 high school students, college students, and other young people learned the basics of AI and how to use AI tools responsibly and appropriately. At the invitation of ICS, NEXT-EM company was also present at the event.