International Conference "Civic-centric digital transformation"

The Foundation for Internet and Society, Metamorphosis organized the international conference ” Civic-centric digital transformation”. The conference was held on April 4-5, 2023. in the “Marriot” hotel in Skopje, but also online on the Zoom platform, where NEXT-EM also had its presence. The conference was organized in the spirit of inclusive and efficient digital transformation based on the needs of citizens and thus leaves no room for undermining human rights and dignity, nor for digital exclusion. The conference brought together representatives from institutions, civil society, media, academia, activists, practitioners and citizens, enabling them to explore digital transformation through the prism of smart e-Government, the digital divide, privacy, artificial intelligence, cyber resilience and hybrid warfare. Slavica Grkovska, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of good governance policies, Azir Aliu, Minister of Information Society and Administration and Bardil Jashari, Executive Director of the Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society, addressed the opening, and the moderator was Mila Josifovska Danilovska. The speakers shared their views and assessment of the progress of digital transformation aimed at the needs of all citizens. There were multiple sessions, Bridging the Digital Divide, Driving the Demand for Smart e-Governance, How to Build Resilience to Hybrid Warfare?, Protecting Privacy in an AI-Driven World, and Building Cyber Resilient Communities. At all these sessions, experts from that field had their presentations.