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Who are we ?

NEXT-EM dooel is a company with long experince in the IT sector and the telecommunications market which continues to evolve.

With our experience we have fortified our position in the folowing fields of IT:

and in the field of telecommunications:

We guarantie fast, quality service and 100% costumer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is web hosting and what is a domain?

Web hosting is server space that allows your website to function in the digital world.
Domain is the name that is characteristic of each website and through which users recognize it.

2. Can I upgrade my hosting in the future?

It is of course possible to upgrade to a larger package and also revert to a smaller
package. This service change is automated and will not cause any service interruption.

3. How to get an email address?

Today, everything in the world works with IT technology. In order to have an email address, it is necessary to have a hosting space with a domain that you choose and thus use a professional email address associated with your

4. What is a website?

A web page is a collection of different files. It is mostly made by web designers. The website, depending on its initial construction, may change the hosting server. Recently, a large part of the web pages are made on moving web platforms whose code is regularly updated, and their functionality is stable.

5. What is Cpanel?

All hosting packages have cPanel - a control panel, through which all the resources that are assigned and available are managed.