Final event - Smart Start

The final event Smart Start, which took place on March 15, 2019, at Hotel Marriott in Skopje, was organized by CRPM, which for exactly 15 years is looking for challenges and offers solutions. Starting in 2015, a project called Smart Start begins.

Since then, through the Smart Start School have trained 40 non-governmental organizations that have acquired the knowledge and skills to establish and run a social enterprise. 10 of them have been awarded an initial grant of 6000 euros, which are transformed into social enterprises. Through a campaign for raising awareness, the Macedonian public has convinced that the purchase of such products or services has a special ethical value. With a series of proposals to the competent, social entrepreneurship should be included as an active measure for new employments, and assistance in the development of the relevant law. Additionally, research has been carried out and recommendations have been made on how to improve the conditions for such an activity. The story Smart Start does not end. On this event NEXT-EM dooel also attended.