Digitization and financing of businesses

The United Nations Development Program in cooperation with the National Platform for Women Entrepreneurs organized a one-day workshop on building the capacities of women entrepreneurs, which was held on January 31, 2024. at the Continental Hotel, starting at 10 am. In the last three months, UNDP has been working on the preparation of an analysis that will determine the obstacles, systemic deficiencies and problems encountered by women entrepreneurs in the formation of their companies and the development of their business, especially in the area of green and energy efficient production. The analysis was done in broad consultation with various stakeholders, women entrepreneurs and organizations that are part of the eco system in which women entrepreneurs operate. Based on the findings of this analysis, a program was developed for building the capacities of women entrepreneurs. For this purpose, this one-day workshop focused on digitization, finance and pricing, and how they can help in the development of businesses and the private sector, especially led by women entrepreneurs, was organized. The training was led by Mr. Aleskandar Celeski, UNDP National Consultant, expert and certified management consultant. NEXT-EM dooel also took part in the workshop.