NEXT-EM came as an authorized registrar from MARnet, believes that it should clarify certain information for you to understand the whole process more easily and complete the whole procedure without pressure and unnecessary worries.
At the moment, it is relevant to re-register each domain, to choose a registrar, and to move from MARnet to the chosen registrar, so that in the future the payment will be made by the registrar you have chosen, and the registrar will be indemnified to MARnet. This is important to know that only re-registration, without extension of the domain, does not mean anything, because after the validity of the domain, and after the time period given in the Regulations of MARnet, the domain can be deleted. That’s why we would like to tell you that with us, re-registration means automatically extending the domain, and renewal can be from the following year, when the domain has already been re-registered, and only the duration of the domain is renewed for the next period. To summarize, the re-registration started on April 1, 2014. and will last until March 31, 2015.
All domains already registered in MARnet so far must be re-registered as MARnet no longer does domain registration/renewal. This is done by authorized registrars. If you have a domain, it must be re-registered, which also means renewing the domain, if you don’t re-register it, you can’t even renew it.

NEXT-EM acted as an authorized registrar, performs registration of new domains, re-registration of already registered domains, as well as renewal for the same from the following year. If you decide to choose us as your registrar, the price for each item is as follows:

Registration of a new domain – 800 den. +18% VAT = 944 den.
Re-registration (with 1-year renewal) of a domain – 400 den. + 18% VAT = 472 den.
Domain renewal – 400 den. + 18% VAT = 472 den.

Currently, only new domain registration is possible, as well as domain re-registration so that it can be transferred from MARnet to one of the registrars. We do not charge for name server changes, as well as transfers.
In the procedure for re-registration of an existing domain or registration of a new domain, a request is required, which you can view and download from our website, both by you and as information to see what data is required to be filled out. Along with the request, a current state-copy (not older than 6 months) is required.
The request should be filled out exclusively electronically, printed and certified with a seal and signature, and we need the original documents (it is not a problem to arrange to pick them up from your place), and previously scanned (pdf) to send to us by email , so that we can enter you in the database and so that the procedure towards MARnet can begin. Each domain needs a separate request.

If it is a natural person, only the request, filled in and signed by hand, is required. In the meantime, you will receive an invoice by email, which we will send you in the original by mail. If you have a digital signature, you can sign the requests and the current one and scan it and send it to e-mail, in that case there is no need for additional documents, because they are considered valid.
Domains that are registered in MARnet must be re-registered with one of the registrars, but this can only be done 30 days before it expires. You can register/re-register your domain for a period of 1 to 10 years, but the prices are the same, regardless of the period, because we offer the lowest prices on the market.

Once we have your documents (request + current status), they are processed and that:
– If it is a matter of registering a new domain, after the verification of the documents, it is forwarded to realization, in the order in which they are recorded in the ledger.
– If it is a matter of re-registration of a domain, after the verification of the documents, they are scanned and sent to MARnet, with a request for a transfer code, with which, after receiving the transfer code, the implementation is started, in the order in which they are recorded in a business book.

In both cases, after the entire procedure is completed, you will receive a notification by email.

We hope that we have managed to explain the whole process to you, so that you do not get confused by the misinformation that is available in the public, and the choice of a registrar will be your decision and we will respect it.

If you need additional information, we are at your disposal.

With respect,