Consultative meeting

At the invitation of the Foundation for Management and Industrial Research (MIR), NEXT-EM participated in a consultative meeting “Decent work – gender mainstreaming of social dialogue, the role of employers and women workers”, which was held in Hotel Solun, Skopje on February 21, 2024. The aim of the project is to promote, support and increase the social participation and rights of female workers in Macedonia. The project envisages establishing mechanisms to support the concept of decent work for women workers within the National Platform for Women’s Entrepreneurship, promoting decent work for women workers within the framework of social dialogue, contributing to the protection of the labor rights of women workers, and increasing public awareness of the importance of decent work in terms of inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Within the framework of the project, a Committee for Decent Work of Women Workers was established, training was conducted for organizations from the civil sector on the topic of decent work for women workers, and a study of the conditions of decent work for women workers was prepared with recommendations for promotion. The consultative meeting was attended by representatives from the non-governmental sector, faculties, unions and other relevant stakeholders who discussed social dialogue, decent work and the role of employers in the context of decent work. The meeting discussed the findings of the study (Decent Work Study) and the conclusions will serve as the basis for public policy briefs.