Conference "" - Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

For the nineteenth time in a row, the Foundation for Internet and Society, Metamorphosis organizes the international conference “”. The conference was held on December 19, 2023. in the Marriott hotel in Skopje, but also online on the Zoom platform, where NEXT-EM dooel also had its presence. At the event, representatives of institutions, non-governmental organizations and civil society debated and discussed in several separate sessions. Artificial intelligence opens unprecedented opportunities for innovation in various sectors, from health and transportation, to education and entertainment. However, it also raises key questions about how to protect basic human rights. Achieving the right balance between innovation and accountability is essential, which includes addressing issues such as privacy, bias, discrimination and the ethical use of AI to protect human rights. In this digital age, the vision of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration is to lead the nation’s journey by guiding the realms of wisdom and technology, while supporting EU standards, along the path to a transformative future where innovation and collaboration are the driving force of progress. and prosperity. In the digital age the ethical dimensions of technology have never been more essential. The rapid advancement of digital solutions and services has the power to either serve as a driving force for positive change or deepen existing inequalities.