Conference 2024

The Institute for Communication Studies (ICS) organized the conference “How to communicate about the environment in the growing environmental crisis: practical experiences and new perspectives”. The event took place on March 27 (Wednesday) 2024 starting at 09:30 at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Skopje. At the conference, domestic and foreign speakers spoke about their specific aspects and experiences and offered new perspectives and approaches to environmental communication. Environmental communication helps influence public opinion, change behavior, advocate for policy and enact legislation. It enables citizens to understand environmental problems and concerns about the environment and climate change, as well as to get involved in the preservation of natural resources. In times of growing environmental crisis, civil society organizations and initiatives, the academic sector, businesses and public institutions should increasingly take responsibility for their actions and communicate about the environment. There were two sessions, in the first session we talked about successful communication and insight into practical experiences, about the (un)utilized opportunities as well as about strengthening youth activism and education in the environment. In the second session, it was discussed how to build climate-resistant communities with effective communication, companies to better position themselves with ESG principles, and the role of individuals to be strengthened through journalism, social media and influencers. The conference is organized by the Institute for Communication Studies (ICS), and is financed by the ERASMUS+ program. At the invitation of ICS, NEXT-EM company was also present at the event.