Business and Human Rights Conference

The Conference on Business and Human Rights, held on 20.09.2019 in Skopje at Hotel Arka, is being implemented in the framework of the project “Promoting Business and Human Rights Principles”, supported by the European Union, implemented by the Association Connect and Business Confederation, aimed at supporting economic and social rights in the private sector by promoting business and human rights.

Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mila Carovska and senior representative of the European Union Delegation Vive Vimpari, Director of Konekt Nikica Kusinikova addressed the conference and discussed representatives of chambers of commerce, companies, civil society organizations and international experts. The event was designed to bring together all relevant stakeholders and give them the opportunity to voice their commitment to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and to raise awareness of the importance of human rights from a business perspective. For the purpose of the project, in order to determine whether there are human rights protection policies and measures, a survey was conducted through digital monitoring and a survey of companies selected from the 200 most successful in the country. The survey was conducted to determine what the current state of business and human rights recognition and understanding is. The survey identified current policies and practices for human rights enforcement in companies. The results indicate the challenges and needs and are the starting point in the creation of further activities. NEXT-EM dooel also participated in the event.