AEC - Second public meeting for 2023.

At the invitation of the Agency for Electronic Communications, NEXT-EM dooel attended the Second Public Meeting for 2023. which was held on December 26, 2023. starting at 10h. in the administrative building of AEK – Business Hall.  The meeting was opened by the Director of the Agency, Mr. Jeton Akiku. Respecting the principle of its transparent operation and legal provisions, the Agency for Electronic Communications organized this meeting in order to enable all stakeholders and interested parties to be informed and familiarized with its activities in the past year and the plans and strategies for the coming period.  At this meeting, there were presentations on the following topics, Development of the market for electronic communications, presenter Kristina Božinovska – Head of the Department for Regulation, Permanent protection of the rights of end users, presenter Valentin Gyurovski – Head of the Dispute Resolution Department, MKD CIRT services – presenter Sevdali Selmani – Head of the National Computer Incident Response Center Sector, Realized activities of the Radiocommunications Department, presenter Jane Jakimovski – Head of the Radiocommunications Department, Broadband Internet in fixed networks, technological future and monitoring of European technological development, presenter Boris Arsov – Head of the Telecommunications Department and Report on the quality of public mobile networks in the city of Skopje, presenter Jonche Grozdanovski – Heads of the Sector for Control and Monitoring of Radio Frequencies.