AEC - Second public meeting for 2019.

At the invitation of the Agency for Electronic Communications, NEXT-EM dooel attended the Second Public Meeting for 2019. which was held on December 2, 2019. starting at 10h. in the administrative building of AEK – Business Hall.

The meeting was opened by the Director of the Agency, Mr. Saso Dimitrioski. At this meeting there were presentations on the following topics, Presentation of the results of the latest measurements on the performance and quality of public mobile communications networks nationwide, and Contribution of new technologies to the total value of non-ionizing radiation. The meeting presented the national report on the performance and quality of the operators’ networks, through which users can compare the quality parameters of the two operators offering mobile communication services over their own network such as voice quality, internet access and network coverage. Measured levels of non-ionizing radiation at certain target locations such as kindergartens were presented, as well as their comparison with previously measured levels before the introduction of fourth generation mobile communication services in order to perceive the effect of new technologies. The meeting also discussed the expected impact on people’s health from the level of non-ionizing radiation expected after the introduction of 5G mobile communication services.