AEC - Second Public Meeting for 2011


At the invitation of the Agency for electronic communications, the management team of NEXT-EM Ltd. attended the second public meeting for 2011 held at the Holiday Inn in Skopje.

Following the principle of its transparent operation, AEC, these meetings are organized to enable all stakeholders to inform and familiarize themselves with its operations, strategies, plans and directions of its activity. This way we have exchange of ideas, information, requirements and views on promoting the work of the Agency and all parties in the market for electronic communications. This public meeting was rich with many presentations and discussions from both side of the AEC and the entities affected by a given issue.

Agency for electronic communications in order to promote electronic communications and support new technologies and encouraging the use of broadband, organized a contest to develop applications for mobile phone. Conditions for participation were posted on the website of the Agency, presentations and applications included in the final and best choice of three applications were published in the second part of the meeting.