AEC - International Regulatory Conference for 2023

At the invitation of the Agency for Electronic Communications, NEXT-EM attended the International Regulatory Conference, which was held from May 29 to 31, 2023. in Hotel Izgrev – Struga. Ninth in a row, AEK organizes an International Regulatory Conference, with the aim of encouraging public debate on issues related to the latest technological developments in the ICT sector, through the exchange of opinions, solutions to possible problems, best practices and experiences. The title of the conference “5G Society is present” with topics discussed were: Session 1 – 5G (technology, case study, QoS, measurements, coverage, challenges, infrastructure sharing), Session 2 – Cyber security (regional cooperation, priorities) on cyber security, awareness raising, security strategies, need for a proactive approach, cyber crime, critical infrastructure operators), Session 3 – Regulatory challenges (current state of the market, building networks, OTT regulation, market analyses, competition pricing) , roaming, end users), Session 4 – Telecom products (technology, case study, equipment). Prominent personalities were invited from Macedonian and international institutions, including government representatives, regulatory bodies, operators, other companies, as well as key figures in the Macedonian and global market of electronic communications. This conference was opened by the director of the Agency for Electronic Communications, Mr. Jeton Akiku. The conference provided an excellent platform for a purposeful dialogue between all stakeholders and an excellent basis for exchanging views on topics of common interest through sharing knowledge and experience. NEXT-EM dooel also took an active part.