AEC - International Regulatory Conference 2016

At the invitation of the Agency for Electronic Communications, NEXT-EM attended the international regulatory conference of 27 and 29 June 2016 which was held in Hotel Inex Gorica – Ohrid.
The International Regulatory Conference is organized in order to stimulate public debate on issues relating to the latest technological advances in the ICT sector through the exchange of opinions, solutions for possible problems, best practices and experiences.

The conference was attended by renowned personalities from Macedonia and the world, including government officials, regulators, representatives of ITU, representatives of the European Union, operators, manufacturers, and key persons of the Macedonian and world market for electronic communications. The conference was opened by the director of the Agency for Electronic Communications, Mr. Sasho Dimitrijoski.
The conference provided an excellent platform for meaningful dialogue between all stakeholders and an excellent basis for an exchange of views on topics of common interest, by sharing knowledge and experience. NEXT-EM has active participation and enjoyed the excellent organization of this wonderful event.