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Happy Easter

Wishing you an Easter filled with joy and with all things bright and beautiful!

Happy Easter!

Seasonal greetings

AEC - Second public meeting for 2015.

At the invitation of the Agency for Electronic Communications NEXT-EM attended the second public meeting for 2015. held on 23 December 2015. at 10 pm. in the administrative building of the AEC - Business Hall.

Macedonia Economic Summit 2015 – Macedonia 2025

At the invitation of Macedonia 2025, NEXT-EM attended the event, held on November 18-20, 2015 year, in Aleksandar Palace Hotel. The  event was in order to include more young professionals in the economic development conversation. The goal was to inspire the audience to think about business, leadership development and to inspire people to believe in themselves.

Increasing the hosting space at

Due to great interest in hosting services in the previous period, NEXT-EM decided to increase their own capacities and staged a nice surprise for all existing and future customers.

From today all existing and future customers will be able to use twice as much web space for the same price as before. With this move NEXT-EM wishes to express its commitment in the field of web hosting services.

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